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Professional Cleaning Services in Dhaka Bangladesh...


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Looking for Professional Cleaning Services company !!?? We are here...

ARMAC Services Ltd. is the leading cleaning services company in Dhaka Bangladesh. We are in this cleaning services industry last 20 years.

Our cleaning services include Corporate Cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh, Industrial Cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh, Commercial Cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh, Residential Cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh, Exterior & interior glass cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh, Floor scrubbing services in Dhaka Bangladesh, Floor stripping, waxing and buffing services in Dhaka Bangladesh, Carpet, chair, sofa shampooing and cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh, All premises master cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh.

We provide following types of Cleaning Services:

  • Cleaning of Industrial Installation.
  • Cleaning of Commercial Installation.
  • Cleaning of Community Area and Center.
  • Cleaning of Foreign Embassy and Other Foreign Offices in Bangladesh.
  • Cleaning of House and Flat Accommodation.
  • Cleaning of Hospital & Diagnostic Center.
  • Cleaning of Wall Glass of High Raised Building.
  • Selling of Cleaning Machineries, Equipment & Stuffs.
  • Collection and Disposal of Garbage.
  • Pest, Rodent & Termite Control.

A cleaner performs his/her duty as per the requirement of our valued clients. However, duty has been split generally in 08 hours shift. Depending on the contract shifts’ definition may vary. As for example, a cleaner may be allowed to perform additional hours as overtime but the management of ARMAC Services Ltd. discourages more than 08 hours duty in general due to the fact that long duty hours may have adverse effect in providing the quality service.

Operational and administrative responsibilities of the Cleaning team members are borne by ARMAC Services Ltd. However, in case of any inconvenience are sorted out before making contract with our valued clients.

Any Service cannot be rendered or accepted without close cooperation and coordination between both the parties. As such, both the parties should coordinate and extend all possible cooperation at the fullest extent of their ability. To render better service to our valued clients we expect coordination meeting between the representatives from both the parties atleast once in a month. Besides the routine meetings, we would always welcome suggestions/ complaints, if any, from the clients.


Close supervision indeed ensures quality service. Supervisors’ always briefs and checks his/her subordinates about Do’s and Don’ts and about professional aspects.


Area Supervisors and Officers Monitoring are responsible for an area comprising of 2/3 duty stations. They make routine and surprise monitoring visit of the cleaners, their supervisors any time during the duty hours.


It is true that the most important criterion of a good organization is its training. A good corporate always gives due emphasis to give adequate training to a ‘Youngman’ to convert him into an expert qualified personnel. Considering the professional lacking of the employee, a deliberate plan for comprehensive training was conceived. Accordingly a full-fledged training and a team of very competent instructors were organized. Besides the professional subjects, subjects for individual character building, personality development, manners and etiquette etc. were also included so that trainees first become a gentle man, good citizen and then become a service man.

Duration of Training

Duration of Training has been made for 01 week. This duration is essential because a minimum time is required to attain up to the expected level. The whole tenure of training has been organized in such a way that trainees learn their professional lessons in details but under stress. Training curriculum includes their personal behavior and conduct during off training period also.

Initial Training

Initial training is for the newly recruited trainee(s) who don’t know the basics of service. Therefore, they take maximum time to build-up and develop into a skilled manpower.

Supervisor Training

Supervisor is first line commander of the cleaning team. So, he/she is to know the basics of administration and organizing knowledge.

Refresher Training

Refresher training is required for those individuals who have the lacking of knowledge on some special subject. On the other hand refresher training can be organized to develop the standard or knowledge of the cleaning team members.

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